POLI.design animated throughout September many initiatives dedicated to professionals from all over the Chinese territory.

A month full of commitments has just ended for POLI.design, that animated throughout September many initiatives dedicated to professionals from all over the Chinese territory.

Five training courses for as many groups of Chinese professionals: 43 hours of training, alternating lectures with workshops, visits to showrooms and design companies, which involved 11 teachers and a total of 159 participants.
The month opened with the launch of the Color and Interior Design Course: a delegation of twenty professionals, led by teachers Andrea Manfredi and Mario Bisson, had the opportunity to discuss the use of color and the latest trends within the interior design, through the analysis of examples and case studies.
Topics related to the internationalization process and to the recent challenges faced by small/medium-sized Italian companies have been dealt with more detail by Design and Italian SMEs: an International development, a tailor made course for a group of 32 professionals from the Guangdong district, by teachers Marzia Mortati, Valentina Auricchio and Venanzio Arquilla. Specific focus of the course was the case study of Brianza Design District, which included a visit to the some companies of that area: Riva 1920, Porro S.p.A. and Giorgetti Spa have opened the doors of their factories and showrooms.
On Friday 22 and Saturday, September 23, the Innovation in Interior Design course was held. The 27 members of Guangdong Dongpeng ceramic Limited, through the lectures by Alessandro Villa and Andrea Manfredi, analyzed the latest trends in Interior Design, especially regarding the use of materials, thanks also to a guided visit to Material Connexion Italia.
Also Saturday, September 23, Cinzia Pagni has led 40 business professionals from the company Daugres, in an in-depth study of the most recent trends thanks to the Italy's interior space design: concepts and trends.
POLI.design then planned and conducted a two-day Study Tour, addressed to CIDA (China National Interior Decoration Association) members: led by teachers Francesco Scullica and Cinzia Pagni, the 36 members of the delegation discussed about Interior design, color and innovative materials. After the theoretical lessons, during the afternoon the group had the opportunity to visit the Excelsior Hotel Gallia and the showrooms of Bisazza and Fornasetti.
In the end, a course entitled Brand Management and Innovation in Manufacturing, for SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council). The latest manufacturing innovations and brand management were at the core of the course, which was structured in two days: September 27, Patrizia Bolzan talked about Industry 4.0 and the Polifactory case study; September 28, instead, was devoted to the study of the Brand, thanks to the lesson of Prof. Marisa Galbiati.
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