POLI.design collaborates with large, medium/small and micro entreprises in the sector of Manufacturing, Industry and Services.
 Barillastrategic design for the identification of products dedicated to the needs of the family

Carlsberg Italia: fashion design applied to the creation of branded clothing - special project for EXPO 2015


Constellation Brands: collaboration for the definition and design of products to support the Ruffino brand identity


Fastweb: project and support to the realization of products with aesthetic and usability value, specifically designed for the domestic context


Panasonic: defining a new communication strategy for the men's personal care area


Richemont: specialized training in support of the design and management of luxury product


San Carlo: scenarios and design visions for the next future San Carlo products - special project for EXPO 2015

 Sunstaranalysis of the brand and creation of a new product-system for a line of dietary supplement

Trenord: analysis of customer perception and company reputation to renew the brand placement


Vodafone - Young&Rubicam: scenery, design and realization of the prize for talent competition

 Wizards of the coastHasbro Group: design of the customer experience for retail spaces

3M: application of a technology through the conceptualization of innovative products