What happened at HOSTMilano 2017

POLI.design joined  HOSTMilano 2017, the 40^ edition of the the leading world fair for the HoReCa, food service, retail, large distribution and hotel sectors taking place in October, 20 - 24, with three different events in collaboration with HostMilano.

First prize for the team headed by Urte Berukstyte for the Design Challenge HOSThinking - 10 Designer per 100 Prodotti.
SOLD OUT for the two seminars and great success for the Smart Label products show 
On Monday, 23 October 2017 the award was given to Urte Berukstyte and the Jumble room project, thus concluding the HOSThinking - 10 Designers for 100 Products contest launched by HOSTMilano - Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design.
This fascinating challenge transformed the pavilions of HOSTMilano 2017 into a live design session, giving life to an unprecedented design challenge. It included 4 days of intense project work during which the 10 designers of the international call, leading their own teams, experienced the fair as a creative catalogue, selecting 100 products from the about 2,000 exhibitors at the event.  
Objective: to identify innovative concepts capable of combining service and experience, products offered and space, under the mentorship of Marta Conconi, Gianpietro Sacchi and Alberto Zanetta, POLI.design professors and well-established professionals in the industry.
Standing out among the 10 finalist proposals and presented live by the designers to the judges and the fair's audience on Monday afternoon, Jumble room, the project by Urte Berukstyte and her team composed of Massimiliano Concilio and Ilaria Gambino. Selected for the innovative concept of hospitality based on the interaction between the digital world, local restaurants, "glocal" hospitality and convivial comfort, the proposal was able to use, in a novel way, 10 functional products from as many companies at HOSTMilano2017: Alessi with KING-KONG DUO - the napkin holder designed by Giovannoni & Venturini, Forteam with For Meal, an automated restaurant, Gamba Bruno with Chioschi, a structure with an interactive touchscreen display, the personalized environment of Gewiss, the smart touch menu by Jeco, Kartell with the master Chair by Phillippe Starck, Mixologica with a customizable cocktail mixer, SCANOMAT with TopBrewer, a futuristic drink machine, SDG with Bioplat, a 100% biodegradable tableware and Validex with a roller system for reducing waste.
The team won a cash prize for the  designer leader and a voucher for the purchase of cultural services for the rest of the team (total prize money 3,000 €).
There were also two special mentions which the jury wanted to assign: the Coffea project by Dario Capobianco – director of the team members Enrico Bianchi and Novi Malika, projecting towards a new experience in coffee tasting in the digital era - and Aldente, the proposal by Stefano Citi and assisted by Chiara De Pascale and Gaia Cavagna: a concept that makes the "fast meal" experience more flexible thanks to the integration of machinery and user interaction.
"We saw 10 projects which really pushed the concept of hospitality towards a new vision." stated Matteo O. Ingaramo, General Director of POLI.design and member of the jury. "Almost 100 products used in completely original contexts which were able to follow the hottest trends in the industry. The qualitative and technical level of the products exhibited at HostMilano 2017 sets the stage for a new generation of hospitality. Once again it is the Fair that generates innovation".
The SMART Label 2017 exhibition, another successful initiative promoted by HOSTMilano and POLI.design, frames and confirms this situation by awarding and displaying in an exceptional showcase - an exhibition tour in the Innovation Gallery - over 60 companies enrolled in HOSTMilano 2017 which are distinguished for their products' degree of innovation. The Internet of Things was one of the common trends of the award-winning solutions, demonstrating the ability to introduce digital connections between different products, with the aim of improving user experience.  Room was made for innovation and "intelligent" products and services which are more and more sensitive to the issue of savings (energy, cost and time).
A corollary of the collaboration between Fiera Milano and POLI.design, were the two professional updating seminars organized within HOSTMilano 2017, which were sold out among the attending architects and industry experts. The two seminars focused on the most innovative solutions and consumer experience and were moderated by Cinzia Pagni (Polytechnic Institute of Milan) and Gianpietro Sacchi (POLI.design). The professionals involved in the two talks (Armando Bruno, Guido Castellini, Luca Colombo, Sara Digiesi, Uberto Ducci, Maurizio Lai, Nisi Magnoni, Stefano Mastromatteo, Francesco Scullica, Sofia Gioia Vedani andAlberto Zanetta) wanted to provide directions in moving towards a current, user-centred approach with useful content that can be applied to the practice of the profession.
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The collaboration between Host Milano - Fiera Milano and POLI.design was again able to stimulate new thoughts and projects in a sector - hospitality - that offers great potential for innovation, allowing for design solutions that can improve people's lifestyles and consumption.  
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