Design Management for Innovative Environments
First Level Specializing Master in collaboration with
MIP Graduate School of Business, Tongji University-Shanghai
November 2020

The Specializing Master, which will be held partly in China and partly in Italy is organized in collaboration with MIP - Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and Tongji University, Shanghai.
The Specializing Master is aimed at professional graduates who intend to specialize in interior design with a particular attention to Made in Italy products, materials, finishing and accessorizes for the interiors. The course will give a first introduction to the main concepts of design driven innovation, project management and strategic design, and it will be critical, training, and professionalizing, it will deal with the methodological complexity of the project.
Who the Specializing Master is for
The Specializing Master in Design Management for Innovative Environments is primarily aimed at students graduates of Chinese nationality. 
The Specializing Master takes place in China at the headquarters of the University Tongji University, Shanghai and in Italy at the headquarters of in Milan.
After completing the course and on passing the final exam, the 1st level Master "EXECUTIVE MASTER OF DESIGN MANAGEMENT FOR INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENTS" certification will be issued.

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Design Management for Innovative Environments


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