Fashion Tech
From active to interactive fashion, sportswear and lifestyle design
III Edition - in English
November 2021


The athletic gesture comes out of the stadiums and inspires everyday life, while new interactive technologies and materials are changing lifestyles and consumption patterns. Fashion is permeated by sport and sport is inspired by fashion for garments that combine performance and style. These are the projects designed at the Specializing Master in Fashion Tech of the Politecnico di Milano, managed by A course dedicated to the futures scenarios of fashion, open to contamination between sport and fashion, competition and leisure, but also wearable technologies for interactive accessories.
The Specializing Master in Fashion Tech meets the needs of the market that requires innovative products and designers with technical and creative skills and knowledge on new materials, technologies and fashion languages.
The Master consists of a theoretical part devoted to new materials and technologies, sport’s culture, the new scenarios of interactive design for fashion and the methods of digital and multimedia representation. The testimonies of many athletes will complete the theoretical knowledges with their agonistic experiences. There are also five design workshops devoted to the production of finished products focused on Fashion Tech for Lifestyle Design, Activewear Design, Sportswear Design, Performance Sportswear Design, Interactive Fashion
In each workshop, lecturers will be professionals of the sector, who will interact with leading companies in order to provide students with skills and professional methodologies.
The Specializing Master is held in English.


The Master's provides skills relating to product planning for both active and interactive sportswear, for lifestyle in terms of innovative contributions of materials and technologies, for wearable accessories which can integrate fashion aesthetics with new contents and new functions given by integration with wearable technologies. It trains designers as capable of working in the field of sporty clothing, sportswear and competitive wear, as in those sectors where one must know how to combine technical materials, new technologies and performance.

Career opportunities

The Specializing Master prepares its students for careers in the following areas:
  • Materials researcher
  • Technologies researcher
  • Textile researcher
  • Womenswear designer
  • Menswear designer
  • Accessory designer
  • Sportswear designer
  • Underwear designer
  • Interactive designer
  • Beachwear designer
  • Fashion and garment technologists
  • Cad designer

Degree awarded

The Specializing Master grants 60 CFU, equivalent to 60 ECTS. Upon completion, students earn a Politecnico di Milano First level Specializing Master diploma in Fashion Tech: From active to interactive fashion, sportswear and lifestyle design.

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Tuition and fees

Total charges for the Specializing Master ar 11.000€

deadline: 31 March 2021
  • Design of sportswear products
  • Integrate the aesthetics of fashion with new contents and new functions given by the integration with wearable technologies
  • Train designers able to work as much in the field of sportswear as in competitive sportswear


Teaching plan

The Specializing Master will start November 2021 and will end December 2022.

Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milan

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