Territorial Curator
Design and promotion of the Italian territories
I Edition
March 2018

Today the cultural heritage object is no longer to be understood as a piece of historical heritage to be preserved, but rather as a memory to revive and to pass on. The real cultural assets of Italian heritage are living memories waiting to be rediscovered and retold. The Specializing Master Territorial Curator is designed to provide an academic grounding for a new professional role that deals with the curation and the narration of specific Italian territories, providing the necessary tools to be able to distinguish and interpret the many different languages of the cultural geographies of our Country.

Educational objectives
The Specializing Master responds to the necessity of enhancing our knowledges of the arts (both tangible and intangible), science, knowledge, and companies with a particular regional focus, connecting this knowledge in order to promote a region in a synergistic and integrated way. Across its regions, Italy retains identities which must be protected, developed and valued, for they are at risk of disappearing. Creating value from the combination of several different factors, therefore, means developing a culture of difference that uses its own diversity of resources as an economic multiplier.
The design  is today a discipline open to multidisciplinary dialogue thus able to summarize and synthesize the many contributions that each discipline now brings for the promotion of a given regional context. It is a discipline which is able to enrich the new profile in a decisive way thanks to its ability to identify, give value and relate to the different cultural identities and spirits of any given territory, in order to realise projects able to regenerate that same territory and to communicate this through a particular narrative ability in defense of its core values from a continuously developing perspective. The contribution of design is extremely recognizable today, not only in the design outcomes of research in recent years, but also in the many professional practices that are beginning and developing in this area. The educational objective is to pass on an aesthetic sensibility, a refined sense of taste and an education in the process of cultural asset conservation.
Professional opportunities
The Specializing Master will form a new professional role, the Territorial Curator, a person who, by virtue of a deep multidisciplinary consciousness of a specific geographic area and a refined aesthetic sensibility, will be able to identify, value, and connect the different cultural spirits and identities in order to be able to communicate through projects focusing on the regional narrative. The course offers an advanced and up-to-date career profile for those who come from different academic backgrounds in the humanities, planning or administration who now wish to acquire, develop and perfect a thorough understanding of good practices and the ability to participate in the areas of the marketing, communication and promotion of Italian and international regions.
Today there are many professional areas linked to regional development with particular focus on:
  • promotion of cultural heritage;
  • tourism and construction of sustainable local systems;
  • hospitality projects;
  • food and wine activities and event management.
The students of the Specializing Master will also be encouraged to pursue new paths of entrepreneurship in the field of cultural enterprise, production and services, all linked to the promotion of regional cultural assets. Especially significant is the range of qualifications aimed at professionals employed in institutions, associations, and public or private institutions, which aims initiatives at a local level. 

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