International Executive Master in Design Strategy and System Innovation
First Level Specializing Master
In collaboration with Lantao Design Academy
May 2020

The Specializing Master, which will be held in China in collaboration with the  Lantao Design Academy, is aimed at professionals who wish to gain knowledge, methodologies and tools to promote innovation as well as identify and achieve strategic objectives. The course explains methods and culture of the project that have been developed in terms of procedures and approaches inside the Design System of Politecnico over the years, with the aim of supporting the process of change and innovation for businesses, local authorities, institutions and organizations.
Employment opportunities
At the end of the Master, the participants, that already have their own cultural and professional experience, will have acquired additional knowledge about the characteristics and systemic approach to the project and innovation of the product system issues. In addition, students enrolled in the Master will acquire knowledge about: strategic design, design management, service design, design thinking, branding, storytelling and the construction of the identity. Thanks to the acquired systemic and strategic vision, they will be able to develop their entrepreneurship as well as work for design companies, business consulting, distribution or manufacturing industries, knowing from time to time to identify appropriate strategies and techniques.
Who the Specializing Master is for
The International Executive Master in Design Strategy and System Innovation is primarily aimed at graduate students of Chinese nationality. 
The Master takes place in China, at the headquarters Lantao Design Academy and in Italy, at the Politecnico di Milano.
After completing the course and on passing the final exam, the 1st level Specializing Master "INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE MASTER IN DESIGN STRATEGY AND SYSTEM INNOVATION" certification will be issued in English.

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International Executive Master in Design Strategy and System Innovation


Teaching Plan
Starting date of teaching activity with credits: 09/05/2020
End of teaching activity with credits: May 2021
End of activity activity including internship: 30/05/2022

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