The training courses managed by feature the contribution of companies and public and private bodies.

The subjects can participate as promoters of the training schemes in the following ways:
1. be the sponsor of a project for a Master

Companies can financially support a project for a Master with contributions and donations. They can feature as sponsors in all the institutional communication of the Master. Furthermore, they can use such title in all their own institutional communication. 

2. provide study grants

Companies can provide a complete or partial study grant for one or more candidates. In so doing, the company allows a deserving candidate to carry out the Master.  
This can be carried out in two ways:
  • the sponsor selects the recipient of the grant from among the candidates held as eligible for the Master by the  scientific commission. The student receiving the grant will carry out their internship at the sponsor's premises.
  • the sponsor contributes to the teaching of a Master by guaranteeing a grant which will be assigned on completion of the Master on the basis of an evaluation carried out by a joint commission. The student receiving the grant will carry out their internship at the sponsor's premises.
3. propose a design workshop

Companies can actively contribute to the teaching of a Master by participating in a Design Workshop. In this way, the sponsor can propose themes of their own interest for a project agreed with the directorates of the Master. The Master students who are design graduates from all over the world, will develop the project co-ordinated by a team of teachers and one classroom tutor. This particular option features direct contact with the sponsor via brand presentations, organizing tours of the showrooms or establishments, laboratories etc.

By supporting the Master training courses in the ways listed above, the company can become part of the  Professional Network of the Master itself, which is formed by students, teachers and external professionals.

Every edition of the Master will lead to experts in their field, capable of being a constant reference point for companies in the business world.