User Experience Design
Design compelling and multi-platform user experiences
IX Edition
October 2020


The User Experience is crucial for the success of digital products and services, and therefore should be designed and developed with quality and professionalism.
The Course aims to train professionals of the User Experience, able to design the Architecture of Information and the interface of the new digital services starting from the requirements provided by the customer, making use of the discipline-specific methodology and tools, working both in a team or as individuals, within a business context or as self-employment.


The Course aims to:
  • provide the theoretical basis and good practices on the basis of which make the best choices in the design phase;
  • equip students with practical tools, introducing the most used software at a professional level;
  • transfer a Polytechnical methodology with which address the User Experience Design in its entirety, from the phase of problem setting up to that of verification.

Job description and final assessment

The figure of the UXD represents one of the most requested professions in the digital sector, in the face of a university offer that so far has provided basic skills, but without transferring the specialized preparation that the market requires.
UXD can work for agencies, start-ups, companies or as a freelancer.
The application areas are multiple, potentially applicable to all sectors (financial, editorial, sports, fashion ...), digital formats (community, e-commerce, configurators, corporate sites ...) and are in further expansion, thanks to increase in formats and devices (not least the wearable trend, on the wave of the Internet of Things).

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User Experience Design
Tuition and fees

Total charges for the Course are € 2.000,00 + VAT

  • provide the theoretical basis and good practices on the basis
  • equip students with practical tools
  • transfer a Polytechnical methodology, from the phase of problem setting up to that of verification
Teaching plan
Start date: October 2nd, 2020
End of activity date: November 7th, 2020
Duration in days: 11
Duration: 88
Weekly commitment: 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday)

Yoroom coworking, via Pastrengo 14, Milano.

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